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About Thuraya satellite network

The satellites (3 pieces) are located at an altitude of approximately 35,000 kilometers above the earth in geostationary orbit - that is, they hang almost motionless above a certain point above the equator (two satellites in the Kenya\Somalia region, and one above Malaysia).

What does it mean?

This means that if you are in the northern hemisphere (the upper half of the globe), then for the Thuraya phone to work you need an open view to the south (towards the equator).

The further you move from the equator, the lower the Thuraya satellites will be above the horizon for you and the more obstacles there may be between it and your phone. For example, if the horizon to the south is blocked by a mountain, then there will be no connection.
Thus, the coverage area claimed by Thuraya is the area of possible communication.

If you go to the North (or South) Pole with a Thuraya satellite phone, you will be left without communication simply because the satellites hovering above the equator will be below the horizon. Even in Finland, you will most likely encounter the fact that in order to make a call, you will have to specifically look for a place with an open horizon to the south.

International dialing code for Thuraya phones: +88216õõõõ

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