Advanced Interception Systems. GSM/CDMA/Satellite Intercept
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Special monitoring systems for secret services

MainBeware of the fraud!

Beware of the fraud!

Recently, a number of fraudulent sites have appeared, such as "spylife", "spyshop" and the like, which, under the cover of our name and offering unrealistically low prices, lure customers money for products that they never had. As a result, customers remain without money, and without equipment. According to our data, this account goes to dozens.

Scam groups operate from Lithuania, Estonia, Pakistan, Russia and other regions and countries.

We have nothing to do with these scams and ask you to be vigilant and not to transfer scammers any funds.
Please note that in the mobile interception market as a whole there are NO solutions, cheaper than 200-300 thousand USD.
If you are offered a full-fledged interceptor for 100 thousand USD, even don't take the time to check them, it's definitely scammers.

To protect yourself, always demand a free demo on the seller's premises, as well as if the seller calls himself and the manufacturer, show production and communicate with real engineering personnel. Scammers will never be able to provide you with the one of them, but for different fabricated reasons, they will be inclining you to make a prepayment

Please be careful!

Discovery Telecom is always ready to invite you to a free demo and show you our production base before the deal.

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