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2G SMS Sender (GSM 900/1800)

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2G SMS Sender
Main characteristics
SKU 2071
Vendor Intercept
Category SMS senders
Standart 2G/900/1800/850/1900
System output from 10 mW up to 10W (on request)
Power source 220/110/24/12-16V
Active range (m) 1000
Battery Optional
SMS(MMS) 500 per minutes
Antenna Directional or omnidirectional
Connectors USB
Language All languages
Management API, IP
Delivery set Sender, Laptop, Antenna, S\W
Dimensions, HWD 40X25X10 cm
Weight 3 kg
Shipment Worldwide

2G SMS Sender GSM - is a miniature intelligent base station (BTS) operating according to the GSM standard and is designed for testing of mobile phones (mobile stations MS) and amplifier of output stage of base stations (BTS).  

BTS technology allows us to analyze configuration of real network, and then organize their own cell, which is perceived by mobile phones as a normal base station. MS that are within the range of BTS is registered according to the standard GSM.

SMS Sender GSM supports 3 modes of operation:

1. Lock - blocking all GSM-subscribers except allowed (white list). Blocking is carried out secretly for themselves subscribers, ie in blocking does not occur any changes to the display of the mobile Appa-rata (net loss, change of operator, network failure, etc.). This mode is designed to validate the cell selection and registration in the mobile station-mi.
2. Informant - sending SMS-messages given content to all MS, except those that are in the white list. This mode is intended to test a subsystem receiving short messages to the mobile station.
3. Unregistrator - blocking all GSM-subscribers except allowed (white list). Blocking feature is that even when the subscriber is out out of range of the device, it will not be able to use any service (calls, SMS, etc.) Provided by your service provider, up to the moment of complete reboot your machine GSM-(or, in the particular case, GSM-module unit). This mode is designed for controlled-validation of the mobile station to the base station commands.

SMS sent by the system are free of charge(!!!) neither owner of the system nor mobile phone users pay for them! 

The system includes a compact dual-band base station GSM (900/1800) and a laptop.
The user can choose a complete set of the system by specifying the desired output power of 1 to 10 watts, passive or active cooling type, housing (portable, stationary, automotive, etc.)

Term of manufacturing the device up to 2 months
The actual number of sent SMS can depend on many local factors
Maximum output power depends on the customer's requirements

* Detailed documentation is available only for registered official partners

Demo and training of interception systems are carried out in our premises or in the client's country, subject to an official invitation from government agencies

To get a demo or training you should provide an end user certificate

Additional Product Information
Optional can save list IMEI and IMSI
SMS sent by the system are free of charge
User can define any phone number or name of the sender
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