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Handheld non-linear detector for ultra small items

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Manual non-linear locator
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  • Manual non-linear locator
  • Manual non-linear locator
  • Manual non-linear locator
  • Manual non-linear locator
Main characteristics
SKU 2264
Vendor Intercept
Category Nonlinear locators
Frequency (2.4±0.1) GHz
System output no more than 200mW
Features 10–30 objects/min
Battery 2 pcs. Li-ion type 18650, 3.7 V
Max. working time at least 4 hours
Interface RS-485
Delivery set Laptop, disassembled system, carrying box
Dimensions, HWD 800 x 300 x 200 mm
Weight 3 kg

Handheld non-linear detector for ultra small items

General purpose

Search for electronic devices containing semiconductor components.

Application area

Identification of mobile phones and SIM cards.

Search for improvised explosive devices (electronic control systems for IEDs) against the background of complex man-made interference from urban development.

Detection of electronic devices for covert information collection.

Search for electronic fragments at the site of an IED explosion


Precise spatial selection with high search performance;
Low susceptibility to man-made disturbances of urban development;
Detection of radio-electronic devices behind reinforcing building structures;
Confident detection of small targets in a wide range of environments (including wet environments);
Monoblock design (bullpup rifle layout), absence of detachable connectors and cables, antenna system on a sliding rod

The device allows you to detect

SIM (UIM) card – 0.5 meters.
Mobile phone – 1 meter

Technical specifications


Probing signal frequency 

(2,4±0,1) GHz
Probing signal average powerNon more than 0,2 W
Energy flux density from active sensors in 0,3...300 GHz band in accordance with Sanitary StandardNon more than 10 µW/cm2
MRED detection probability Non less 95 %
(Error of the second kind – not more 5% admission) 
Not more than: 800 x 300 x 200
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