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Selective IMSI blocker for prison

The newest device
Cellular Selective IMSI blocker
Cellular Selective IMSI blocker
  • Cellular Selective IMSI blocker
  • Portable Cellular Firewall
Main characteristics
SKU 1936
Vendor Intercept
Category Jammers - IMSI Catchers
Standart 4G (LTE)/2600/1800/2300/800/700 - 3G (UMTS)/850 /900/1700 /1900/2100 - More … 4G (LTE)/2600/1800/2300/800/700 - 3G (UMTS)/850 /900/1700 /1900/2100 - 2G (GSM)/900/1800/850/1900
Frequency 4 GSM + 5 UMTS & LTE bands
System output 10 mW – 100W
Power source Battery / 90 – 220VAC / 12VDC
Active range (m) 500
OS Windows
Battery Yes
Antenna Omni or Directional
Q'ty of channels 9 bands
Delivery set System, Antenna, Laptop, Power supply
Dimensions, HWD 490x420X175 mm
Weight 10 kg
Shipment Worldwide

Purpose: GSM/UMTS/LTE Selective Jamming

Cellular Selective IMSI blocker has been designed for selective blocking of GSM/UMTS/LTE communications. Based on the Active BTS infrastructure, Cellular Selective IMSI blocker allows authorized GSM/UMTS/LTE mobile subscribers to use their mobile devices as usual, initiate or receive calls, send text messages, etc., while still being in the vicinity of the system; at the same time unauthorized phones are denied of cellular services. Cellular Selective IMSI blocker is available in various configurations to suit various conditions and match the requirements of every customer.


Selective Blocking of GSM/UMTS/LTE Phones
White and Black mobile lists 
Up to 4 GSM and 5 UMTS and LTE Bands
Various Configurations


Selective Blocking of GSM Phones

Cellular Selective IMSI blocker enables to define the designated list of GSM/UMTS/LTE phones. When operated, the system blocks all phones in the list of unauthorized MS/UE, while allowing authorized phones to continue functioning normally. This makes Cellular Selective IMSI blocker an ideal solution for prisons and jailing facilities, preventing inmates from unsupervised communications with the world outside the prison walls, and at the same time allowing the prison staff to continue using their GSM/UMTS/LTE phones as usual. The solution can also work in strategic installations such as power plants, ports, etc., and is suitable for tactical situations (such as hostages’ scenarios).

GSM and UMTS Bands, Various Configurations

Cellular Selective IMSI blocker is available in several configurations: fixed, vehicle-mounted or carry-on. While fixed or vehicle mounted installations can be fed from an external power source, the carried unit performs for hours using a set of internal batteries that can be recharged or replaced when needed. The unit can be easily packed in standard bags or suitcases or mounted on a vehicle to allow covert operation in populated areas. Cellular Selective IMSI blocker supports up to 4 GSM bands (850, 900, 1800, 1900), making it applicable to any location worldwide that features an operating GSM network. The 3G module supports up to 5 UMTS bands (2100, 1900, 1700, 900, 850).

Supported frequency bands

Two bands of the following: GSM-850
(824.0–849.0 / 869.0–894.0), P-GSM-900
(890.2–914.8 / 935.2–959.8), DCS-1800
(1710.2–1784.8 / 1805.2–1879.8), PCS-1900
(1850.0–1910.0 / 1930.0–1990.0)

Two bands of the following: UMTS I 2100
(1920–1980 / 2110–2170), UMTS II 1900
(1850–1910 / 1930–1990) UMTS IV 1700
(1710–1755 / 2110–2155) UMTS V 850
(824–849 / 869–894) UMTS VII 900 (880–915 / 925–960)

LTE 700, 800, 1800, 2300, 2600

Transmission output power

Depends on configuration (10 mW – 100W

Signal Source

PLL synthesized

Power supply

Battery / 90 – 220VAC / 12VDC


Depends on configuration (directional /


Depends on configuration


Depends on configuration (the smallest unit
weighs 900g, not including operator’s UI device
and battery)

Operating Temp.

0ºC – 40ºC


5%-95% (non condensing)



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