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TSCS. Tactical secure communications & target's tracking system

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Tactical System with Mesh radio
Tactical System with Mesh radio
  • Tactical System with Mesh radio
  • Tactical System
  • Mesh+Tablet
  • Tablet
  • Mini tracker
  • WiFi-Sniffer for WiFi-access point data collection
  • Subscriber secure phone
Main characteristics
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Category Secure communication
Standart GPS - 4G - 3G - 2G - Iridium - WiFi
Power source 12 to 19 VDC
Display 10” touch screen
Management Embeded
IMEI changing Yes
Dimensions, HWD 42.9 x 33.6 x 11.4 cm
Weight 3.5 kg
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Tactical Communication System is an unique solution to fully independent operation requirements

Tactical Systems.jpg
24/7 Situational awareness platform
Fast deployable independent server
Advanced Tracking Server
Multiple user profiles
Tactical symbols
Live triggers and alerts
Sensor data gathering and analyzing
AES256 & One Time Pad compatible
X-MESH network compatible
Completely Off-The-Grid
24/7 Server Based tracking
SMS- anonymizing
High OPSEC possibilities
Discreet Business look
Local Mapping Data

Tactical Security Communication System, TSCS  for secure communications and target's tracking for: 


Portable Tactical server with built-in computer in a secure housing
Strong protected portable Wi-Fi devices for high encrypted communication


Miniature magnetic trackers on the basis of ultra-low power consumption
All maps are stored on the computer that allows tracking without internet connection 

Tactical Security Communication System, TSCS, for forward deployed missions with total Off-The-Grid capabilities. No need to create connections to your home server or ICT-infra. Fully independent fast and easy deployable performance capability!

Fast deployable tactical server TSCS is your companion when you need to conduct missions where META DATA safety and OPSEC of the mission is essential. It delivers 24/7 server functionality in any location with any mission. Collect your all sensor data with Tactical Sever and have real time operation awareness.

It's designed to be discreet, carry along solution with full server capabilities inbuilt. It can receive tracking information from tenths of targets and serve hundreds of users. It communicates through a cell network, satellite or MESH radios.

Design allows usage in over the horizon missions where network exposure should be minimized. Tactical TSCS-Server can host your mission critical mapping data on board as well. This makes it easy to use in hostile environments where network access is monitored or possibly targeted.

Tactical TSCS-Server is a system, which is usable just with your web browser and with any device. It acts as 24/7 receiving entity for tracking data and you are allowed to access system with browser and observe targets locations and history routes.

Tactical TSCS-Server works also as a Private high encrypted secure communications centre. 
Sensor and Information Data Gathering TSCS sensor integration offers complete situation awareness.
Gather sensor data with TSCS from various of cyber and intel sensors, like tracking, wifi-sniffer, movement, pressure, temperature, IR, camera, etc.

Special military & intelligence operations

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