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Voice Pro Lab. Professional hardware and software solution for Audio Forensic

Voice Pro Lab
Voice Pro Lab
  • Voice Pro Lab
  • Voice Pro Lab
  • Voice Pro Lab
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Voice Pro Lab is a professional hardware and software solution for advanced speech signal analysis. It provides the capabilities to perform a multitude of valuable audio processing, analysis, audio restoration and voice comparison functions.

Voice Pro Lab makes possible to perform an in-depth analysis of voice and speech by numerous visualization tools, automated and human-assisted comparison instruments.

Voice Pro Lab is comprised of advanced and time-tested technologies and algorithms which are already in use at over 350 installations in more than 36 countries world-wide making it the most popular suite of audio processing, analysis and voice biometric matching tools available today. Voice Pro Lab is available as a software and component hardware only solution or a complete turn-key solution including the workstation hardware, auxiliary equipment and training courses

Audio Forensics

To obtain a guaranteed high quality of input and output signals, Voice Pro Lab complexes are equipped with professional signal input-output devices: STC-H453 or STC-H246 (“Tuning Fork”).

STC-H246 ("Tuning Fork")

The expert complex based on the "Kamerton" device is ideal for organizing a workstation for digitizing analog phonograms, since "Kamerton" is a certified device for measuring characteristics and generating electrical signals in the audio frequency range. The presence of such a certificate allows you to remove all questions to the expert about the accuracy of the measurements.
SpeechPro, Ikar    

STC-H453 audio input/output device is designed for two-channel input/output of audio signals into the memory of a personal computer from microphones and line outputs of audio equipment and listening to them using the hardware-software complex for recording, analyzing and digital processing of speech signals Voice Pro Lab

Voice Pro Lab comes in 4 configurations. "Voice Pro Lab I" and "Voice Pro Lab II" differ in the type of input/output device supplied. The complexes marked with a “+” sign include software for noise reduction. Each configuration can optionally be equipped with the EditeTracker module.

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