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MainCatalogLong-Range SurveillanceiSea-50HD

iSea-50HD. Dual Sensor Stabilized Payload with High Performance HD camera

Main characteristics
SKU 2221
Vendor Controp
Category Long-Range Surveillance
Active range (m) 20000
Features for Maritime Applications
Display 12"
Interface RS-422, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553
Management 5-Z, Auto, manual, slow, priority
Dimensions, HWD Ø 354 mm
Weight 29 kg
Shipment According EUC

Day/Night HD Observation System for Maritime Applications

The iSea-50HD is a Day/Night observation system especially configured for maritime patrol boat applications.

The iSea-50HD is easily integrated onto a wide variety of maritime vessels due to its flexible configuration, making it suitable for most requirements. Wide range of communication interfaces to the host vehicle including RS-422, ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553. The iSea-50HD is operated by a ruggedized Control Unit (CU) with a thumb LOS control stick and all control switches are specially designed for rough environment conditions and for best human comfort. The CU can be attached to a fixed location or using a flexible cable enabling it to be movable.


The "Payload of Choice" for day and night surveillance applications. 
Superior observation capabilities for very long acquisition ranges.


  - Thermal Imaging (TI) with 720 mm focal length (Continuous Zoom x36)
  - Full HD Zoom Camera
  - Full HD Daylight or SD SWIR Spotter Channel
  - Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (optional)
  - Laser Pointer (optional)

 High performance for light weight:

  - 30 kg for Turret
  - 35.4 cm Diameter 

Four (4) gimbal system fully gyro-stabilized in azimuth and in elevation for the entire.
Field of Regard including at the  NADIR / ZENITH point. 
Interface external devices such as moving map, C4I system, RADAR and navigation system using all standard communication channels.
Automatic Target Tracker.
Continuous Optical Zoom.
Image Enhancement (Built-in) and Local AGC capabilities.
Customized graphics superimposed on video.
Best value for high performance system.


Observation - Day & Night
Law Enforcement
Search & Rescue (SAR)
Coastal & Border Patrol
Anti-terrorist Surveillance
Anti-smuggling Surveillance
Oil Spill Detection
Force Protection
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